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Investment Criteria

Balmoral makes investments in companies that meet the following criteria:

Transaction Types Asset purchase, stock purchase, note purchase, equity infusion, debt restructuring, UCC Article IX, §363, A.B.C., etc.
Investment Types Generally, we invest in common and preferred equity securities. We are willing to invest in debt securities in connection with an equity investment or warrant issuance or in order to bridge transactions to a close without relying on third-party financing.
Investment Size $5 to $30 million of equity.  Through our limited partners, we have access to additional capital to fund larger transactions.
Revenues $30 to $300 million at the highest point of the past decade (but possibly less today).
Profitability Any (including negative).
Geography North American headquartered businesses.
Industry We will consider all industries except for early-stage technology, financial services and pure real estate investments.
Intermediaries Balmoral has and will pay investment banking, intermediary and finder’s fees.
Governance Control and shared-control investments.  Our investments always entail us being represented on the company’s Board of Directors.